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Work Experience

A work placement is a period of supervised work, where students will have the opportunity to experience working in a specific role within a company. Work experience is an opportunity for students to get a taster of what it’s like to work in a specific industry, giving students the opportunity to refine what it is that they are looking for from employment.

Completing a Work Experience Placement will provide students with an opportunity to build up a network of contacts who may be able to help them secure a job in the near future. Students who show that they are enthusiastic and can step up to challenges, may also earn themselves some good references for future roles.

In the past students have completed work placements in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Finance
  • Health care
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Engineering

At Queensbury Academy Work experience is a compulsory part of the careers programme. Year 10 students will complete their work placements the week commencing 01 July 2019, all placements are expected to last a week.

Students may choose to arrange their own work placements with a company of their choice or alternatively they can use the Xperience database. Please be aware that the Xperience database is not a list of available placements. Instead it contains the details of companies who have historically provided work placements, therefore school cannot guarantee that they will provide a placement for the coming year.

Students will research work placements using the Xperience database during Guided Study. Should students wish to complete research outside of their studies they will need to uses the step by step guide and the Career codes when using the database.

Prior to the completion of work placements year 10 students will spend time considering safe working practices and health and safety procedures in the work place.

All work placements completed during school term time must be authorised by Queensbury Academy. All placements are subject to the successful completion of a health and safety check.